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How I Helped my Dad Die (Bloomberg Businessweek)

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Wither Iberia

Portugal and Spain to approve MAID in 2021

SCOTUS and Justice Barrett: Is there light at the end of the Federal constitutional right tunnel?

Amy Barrett's confirmation to SCOTUS does not necessarily mean Glucksberg can not be revisited

New Zealand Makes MAID History

Referendum results show 2-1 approval for MAID and Euthanasia

The Vatican: Turning Its Back on the Most Vulnerable

The Vatican's Letter on MAID

Is NC a MAID state already?

NC is NOT a MAID state

Leading with Misinformation

Media misinformation on MAID in Canada

Preparing for the Dementia Doomsday

Supplemental Advance Directive for Dementia: Preparing for the Worst Case

Who Dares to Recognize the Elephant in the Room?

Dutch Supreme Court tackles the dementia conundrum

But We Treat Our Pets Better!!!

Shouldn't we get the same consideration as our pets???

My Sister Died A Hero

My Sister Ra died a hero using MAID in Oregon

The Fallacy of a Moral Equivalency

Those claiming the moral issues surrounding abortion and MAID are being disingenuous and ignoring the vast differences.

Do NO Harm vs DO Know Harm

Do No Harm is not the same as Do Know Harm

Is the Montana model working? Is it worthwhile?

The Montana model of Standard of Care based on a Judicial decision has not gained traction

Let the People Be Heard

Overwhelming popular support for MAID... so why is legislation so difficult in a democracy

When Truth is the First Casualty

Global Media Sensationally Misreports Minor Euthanasia

Understanding the Novelties of HB879

On April 16, 2019, the NC End of Life Option Act was introduced in the NC State House of Represnetives as HB879. Surprisingly, the bill had 2 Democratic primary sponsors (Rep Pricey Harrison and Rep Susan Fisher) and two GOP primary sponsors (Rep Jon Hardister and Rep Chuck McGrady).

End of Life Option Act Filed as HB 879

In a historic development, a bipartisan group of State Representatives has introduced a bill calling for enactment of Medical Aid in Dying legislation.

Montana bill to criminalize MAID fails in state Senate

In a startling rebuke to opponents of MAID, the state Senate rejected by a surprisingly wide margin 27-22 in the majority GOP upper chamber.

Orange County Democrats endorse MAID

At the annual Orange County Democratic Party convention on Sat, March 30, 2019 in Hillsborough, a resolution calling for enactment of MAID legislation was unanimously adopted. Orange County’s elected officials have consistently been supportive of such efforts, and Rep Graig Meyer and Verla Insko have been primary sponsors of all legislative efforts in the past.

New Jersey Latest State to Enact MAID

In a stunningly rapid reversal of years of stymied attempts, a bicameral vote of the New Jersey Senate ( by a vote of 21-16) and House (41-33) in passing on Monday, March 25, 2019 the Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, which Governor Phil Murphy has promised to sign into law.

NC Medical Journal Letter Makes Case for MAID in NC

In an important pronouncement, four respected NC physicians argued in an open letter in the NC Medical Journal that Medical Aid in Dying is currently available in North Carolina, subject to application of the appropriate medical standard of care.

Respecting freedom and dignity at the end of life

The premier newspaper in North Carolina’s triangle published an op-ed urging support for legislation to enact MAID in NC, similar to the statutory provisions in place in 7 US jurisdictions. (An 8th jurisdiction, Montana, operates under an Open Practice regime relying on physicians applying the appropriate standard of care).

“Preparing for a Good End of Life”

In this weekend’s WSJ Review section (Feb 9-10, 2019; pp C1-C2), author Katy Butler notes the importance of making plans well ahead of time to make sure our passing does not become an undesired ordeal.

Atty Tucker’s Article Draws Comment

We have previously drawn notice to an important law review article [North Carolina Law Review, Vol. 97 Addendum, pp. 1–20 (2019)], in which noted attorney Kathryn Tucker, Director and Founder of the End of Life Liberty Project, posited that even today, in the absence of any statutory language sanctioning Medical Aid in Dying, NC physicians can legally write end of life prescriptions for their terminally ill, mentally competent patients, provided they adhere to the prevailing medical standard of care.

Standard of Care in NC: IS MAID Legal Today?

In a pathbreaking law review article published Jan 17, 2019 in the UNC Law Review, Attorney and Hastings School of Law professor Kathryn Tucker, who has brought any number of MAID cases to the US Supreme Court and various State supreme courts, argues that because there is no NC law prohibiting the writing of MAID prescriptions, NC doctors should be able now to write scrips for terminal, competent adult patients, provided they adhere to a prevailing medical standard of care.

Choosing one’s exit

Thanksgiving is hardly the time to think of shaking off these mortal coils; it’s a time for celebrating family and friends over a copious meal punctuated by good conversation and memorable stories of the year past.

Suicide: Desperate, Hostile, Tragic… but mostly a Bloody Mess

A recent WaPo article by the daughter of a suicide highlights inadvertently the vital differences between suicide and Medical Aid in Dying.

Right to Try vs Right to Die

On May 30, 2018, President Trump whose newly-found pro-life bona fides can no longer be in doubt, signed the Right to Try Act of 2017, which amends Federal law to allow certain FDA-unapproved, still experimental drugs to be administered to terminally ill patients who have otherwise exhausted all approved treatment options.

Setback in California

A Riverside County (California) Superior Court Judge, Daniel Ottolia, entered an order on Friday, May 25, in Ahn v Hestrin, holding as invalid California’s End of Life Option Act, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in June 2016.

Successful Charlotte Conference Highlights Need for MAID in NC

More than 80 interested guests joined us at our first conference at Charlotte’s UNC-C Center City on May 9, 2018, entitled “Expanding Medical Aid in Dying in North Carolina: Choices and Challenges”.

A Victory in Hawaii

Yesterday, with the signature of Governor David Ice on the Our Care, Our Choice Act, the Aloha State became the 8th US jurisdiction to authorize Medical Aid in Dying.

Orange County Dems Endorse MAID

At the annual Democratic Party convention of the Orange County Democrats, a resolution calling for enactment of MAID in North Carolina introduced by DRNC Executive Director Edmund Tiryakian, who is also a precinct chairman, was unanimously approved.

DRNC announces major conference on MAID: May 9, 2018 in Charlotte

DRNC is sponsoring an important conference on the future of MAID in NC. Our keynote speakers are Barbara Mancini, whose harrowing tale of being arrested in PA while trying to help her bedridden dying father shocked audiences when she was interviewed on 60 Minutes, and Atty Kathryn Tucker, the nation’s premier litigator of MAID cases.

When Words Matter

A recent NPR radio summary of an angry protest in Belgium over a controversial euthanasia incident likely disturbed any number of unwitting US listeners. The broadcast explained that a Belgian doctor had just resigned in anger and disgust from the country’s euthanasia commission after a dementia patient who never specifically asked to die was euthanized at the family’s request.

MAID moves forward in Alaska, a Red State

On January 31, 2018 to the surprise and delight of many, an Alaska House Health Committee approved 5-2 a measure to enact MAID in Alaska, HB 54.

When It’s a Matter of Days, Not Months

One of the more confounding reasons cited by opponents of MAID is the notion, that the timeline called for under the statutory enactments that two doctors believe the applicant is likely to pass within six months due to a terminal condition, is at best an unreliable, if not impossible guesstimate.

MAID is not the same as Suicide

Opponents of MAID are quick to mischaracterize the exercise as Physician Assisted Suicide. It serves their narrative that a terminal patient seeking release from suffering, lack of autonomy, utter helplessness and futility in the face of the medically proclaimed inevitable should be viewed in the same prism as a vigorous young individual in excellent health who succumbs to a moment’s despair over a temporary setback.

Debunking the Myths of Medical Aid in Dying

Among the many hoary predictions of MAID opponents is the notion that enacting Death with Dignity legislation will usher in a culture of suicide. During the debate in the late 1990s in Oregon and Washington, one often read dire predictions that passage of the legislation would make those states suicide meccas and that soon the local medical communities would be swamped by folks availing themselves.

A few words from our M.D. Board Members

Our two Board members have recently been published arguing the logic and compassion underpinning Death with Dignity legislation, such as HB789. Dr William Hazzard had his Letter to the Editor of the Winston Salem Journal published in early June in which he discusses the case of his sister Ra, who used the law in Oregon because of its unavailability here in NC.

California’ End of Life Option Act: One Year In

On June 9, 2016 California’s version of Death with Dignity legislation (a/k/a Medical Aid in Dying), the End of Life Option Act, went into effect, following a contorted enactment over the course of several years.

Famed Radio Host Diane Rehm with Reps Harrison and Fisher

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Lisa Roach, Co-Founder, Helps Introduce HB789

Our own Lisa Roach made news recently as she finishes her third year of Law School at Wake Forest University. For more, read here

HB789: All Hands On Deck

With the introduction of HB 789 on April 11, Rep Pricey Harrison and her colleagues Hon Fisher, Hon Meyer and Hon Insko, have done their part to advance the legislation.

HB789, The End of Life Option Act, introduced!

North Carolina has now become the latest state considering enactment of Death with Dignity legislation. On April 11, 2017, four State Representatives, Harrison (D-57), Fisher (D-114), Meyer (D-50) and Insko (D-56), introduced HB789, almost exactly two years after the introduction of HB611.

Deconstructing Washington v Glucksberg

It is not hard to identify the high water mark for the opposition to Death with Dignity legislation: it was June 26, 1997, the day Justice Rehnquist announced a unanimous Supreme Court’s judgment in Washington v. Glucksberg, 521 U.S. 702 (1997).

UNC Asheville Editorial Endorses Enactment of Assisted Dying Legislation


Dr Haider Warraich, Dying Right NC Board Member, Publishes Op-Ed in (Failing) NYT

Following his phenomenal new book Modern Death, Dr Warraich elaborates on the hospitalization of the dying process

Lisa Roach addresses Conference on Medical Aid in Dying at NC Ethics Conference

Lisa Roach, Co-founder Dying Right NC, addressed a Medical Ethics Conference explaining Medical Aid in Dying

The Semantics of Decision-Making

Language shapes perception. It becomes the reality by which we judge circumstances and draw conclusions. Thus when people use the term “Physician Assisted Suicide” (“PAS”), it suggests an almost nefarious collaboration between a doctor and a depressed patient.

Judge Gorsuch: A SCOTUS nominee opposed to Medical Aid in Dying?

For those of us committed to enactment of Medical Aid in Dying legislation across the country, the writings of Judge Gorsuch give us pause. In a full length book and several law review articles, Gorsuch is unambiguous in his disdain for such laws. He views the practice, based on worst case scenarios extrapolated from a limited data sampling as of 2002 of the Oregon and Dutch experience, as a parade of horribles.

Is Death with Dignity suicide?

Reading Judge Gorsuch’s well researched articles against Medical Aid in Dying, I am struck by his dismissive critique of the Oregon regime as nothing more than unqualified doctors killing unwilling patients. He has reviewed data from the Netherlands where euthanasia is practiced and in fact preferred by patients who have a long standing relationship with their primary medical provider and who are in extremis.

Judge Gorsuch: An engaged jurist

Despite protestations by United States Senate Democrats that they will give as good as they got, the likelihood of successfully filibustering Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination ad infinitum is slim, if for no other reason Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can always dispense with the filibuster requirement by simple majority vote. Thus, it behooves us all to become familiar with the thinking of this brilliant 49-year old jurist who is likely to be on the court for a generation or more.

Off and running in 2017

We were thrilled to meet on Wednesday, February 1, with the two co-sponsors of HB 611, introduced in 2015, which called for enactment of a Death with Dignity statute similar to the one in place since 1997 in Oregon.

Controlling One’s Destiny

We can’t choose how and when we are born, and to a large extent, as children, we cannot control our environment, where we live, and what we do. Our parents, teachers, pastors, scout leaders dictate terms.

Choosing One’s End– A sacred right, a forgotten rite

For most of humanity, individuals rarely reached an advanced age. Life was cruel, brutish and short. If you even survived childhood, and most did not, you faced any host of rampant diseases, all of which are now treatable, and most of which were poorly understood in the first place. The medical profession was as likely to do more harm than good in its treatment and beliefs.