We are advocates for an expansion of, and respect for, End of Life options and specifically for enactment of Medical Aid in Dying legislation in North Carolina

Medical Aid in Dying, also known as “Death with Dignity”, and incorrectly as “Physician Assisted Suicide", allows a competent adult who has been diagnosed by a willingly participating medical practitioner, to be suffering from a terminal, incurable illness, with 6 months or less of life expectancy, to have the option of taking medication that will humanely end their intractable pain and profound, intolerable suffering.  After the physician has written the prescription for a Terminal Comfort Care medicine, the individual will self administer the medication if, and when they choose, often in the comforting surroundings of their home, surrounded by family and friends.  The medical practitioner does not participate in administering the medication.
MAINE BECOMES 9th STATE WITH MAID LEGISLATION AFTER GOVERNOR JANET MILLS SIGNS DEATH WITH DIGNITY ACT ON JUNE 12, 2019.  Since 2016, the number of US jurisdictions with MAID available has doubled!!! This movement will not be denied.  All thanks to our valiant friend Valerie Lovelace of Maine Death with Dignity and our national partner Death with Dignity National Center.

Here's what we believe:

We believe in respecting an individual's desire and decision to choose the manner of their death, with dignity and in peace, and under circumstances of the individual's choosing, including the when, where and how.
Educate and Inform

We seek to make North Carolinians aware of their options to make sure their end of life choices represent their preferences and that their death is as painless and dignified as possible, and consistent with their wishes.

Provide Choice

For many, life will be worth the struggle, no matter the suffering and incapacity. For others, a wish to hasten the inevitable and avoid futile treatment under a self-directed plan, according to one’s planning and timing is a last act of autonomy and willfulness.

Enact Legislation

We urge our N.C. legislature to join the 8 other states, the District of Columbia and at least seven countries, which offer their citizens a choice of peacefully terminating their life when death has become an imminent and insufferable inevitability.

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We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit operating on a shoestring budget. We depend on your generosity to be able to continue.
We are advocates for the compassionate treatment of those facing the painful inevitability of imminent death. We seek to enhance awareness of, and expand options for, End of Life. But we can't do this without your financial help.