HB789: All Hands On Deck

With the introduction of HB 789 on April 11,  Rep Pricey Harrison and her colleagues Hon Fisher, Hon Meyer and Hon Insko, have done their part to advance the legislation.  The ball is now in our courts– the people, to make clear to our various State Reps across the State, that this legislation is needed and important for the long term welfare of North Carolinians.  Anyone who has been through the calvary of a protracted and painful End of Life experience of a loved one does not want to witness a repeat performance, and very few people don’t want Medical Aid in Dying at least as one more option.

HB 789 will go nowhere, UNLESS some Republican legislators come out in favor, or at least request that the bill get a hearing.

So for all supporters, now is the time to go to work.  Use any contact you have with a State Rep, especially if he or she is from the GOP, to  please urge support of HB 789, not tomorrow or next year, but NOW.

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